Delegating work to a Personal Assistant lets you focus on doing what you do best. Our goal is to help make life and work easier for you, so you can be more creative and improve the balance between your business and personal life too.



This is the reality: You are the heart of your Kingdom so you need to stay focused. PA services are not a waste of money, it is the best investment that you will ever make.

Does your mind move at a million miles per second?
Would you like to optimize your personal and professional live?
Do you wonder why your TO- DO list always seems unfinished?

PAs are professionals who will help you learn how and what to delegate
as you go. For starters, we suggest reviewing your entire to-do list
with your assistant, highlighting any priorities or urgent items, and letting
your assistant suggest a plan for how she will get it all done.
For us, confidentiality is the most important priority, so for that reason
your PA will sign a Non-disclosure agreement .

We are flexible so just talk to us about your needs and we can find the best solution for you together.

You will receive your invoice every other Monday detailing all of the
hours worked the two previous weeks and the total balance to pay.
Methods of payment : CHAPS, credit/debit card, faster payments, standing orders, Paypal
or by cheque.

don’t hesitate to ask
Any Other Question?