Delegating work to a Personal Assistant lets you focus on doing what you do best. Our goal is to help make life and work easier for you, so you can be more creative and improve the balance between your business and personal life too.


About Us

About Personal Chaos Control

Our Mission

Our aim is to enable people to realise their full potential. We consider our mission statement a commitment to our clients. We deliver on that commitment by offering the most authentic, generous, empathetic and exceptional service.

One Team, Many Talents

Our network across the Globe know how to make things happen, and fast. You can tap into wide-ranging expertise and knowledge, all gained originally in excellent corporate careers. Each person is process-driven and used to working with innovative technology, adding value to every task.

About our Services


For an entrepreneur, the most precious resource is time and creative energy. There are only 24h in a day and 168h in a week - so very often a young entrepreneur sacrifices his family life, or he gets caught up in the running of the business instead of working on growing it which leads him to depression and exhaustion.

So how can businesspeople keep up with an increasingly competitive marketplace, ongoing economic uncertainty, and rapid communication?

Personal Chaos Control is all about you


Our 3 magic Ds to letting go:

With limited time at hand, entrepreneurs have the option to share a load of their daily TO DO list with a virtual executive assistant in order to create a company whose profits grow month on month. With more time to focus on the core business functions, entrepreneurs can capitalise on business opportunities.

In order for your business to maximise productivity, a PA/VA can juggle online research, emails, travel bookings, database management, payment of bills and even organise deliveries to your family members. Their job is to understand your needs, your working style and the way you think in order to perform and anticipate.

The key to success and productivity is to find simple solutions for complex problems. A full-time employee can be a cost for a start-up company but the extra help of a virtual assistant can be the key to drive business growth. Creating extra time and giving space allow you to re-focus and find a new approach to boost your business.

Our Team Members

Meet our team

Isabela Podsiadlo

Trilingual Personal Assistant

She worked with UHNW, HNW, VIP, Investors, Restauranteurs, start-ups. She launched her own restaurant in England back in 2017. Her superpower is the ability to support future leaders.
Beatrice Fabi

Personal Shopper / Stylist

Eclettica Fashion designer con lunghissima esperienza nel luxory , ha collaborato con i maggiori brand italiani . Dedica molta attenzione alle nuove tendenze in tutti i settori creativi. Si considera un artista super contemporane
Sandrine Rue

Bilingue Personal Assistant

Assistante personnelle pour VIP depuis plusieurs années, je coordonne, planifie, gère l’ensemble de leurs demandes et les accompagne si besoin lors des déplacements. Discrète, réactive et disponible je facilite le quotidien de mes clients!